Legal Assistance Documents

2023 Supplemental Pay Advisory Notice
This document is notice that the Municipal Police Supplemental Pay Board has adopted a rule that changes the method by which municipal police personnel will receive their supplemental pay. 

ATE Advisory
This document serves as a guide to certain elements that should be inspected and analyzed by municipal counsel for proposed automated traffic enforcement system agreements. 

Comprehensive Guide to Mayor's Courts
The document serves as a manual to review information on statues, constitutional law, cases, opinions from the Attorney General’s office, articles, and books on the proper functioning of a mayor’s court.

Template Affidavit re:  Chinese Components

Fight the Blight Guide

Mandatory Sexual Harassment Report
All public bodies must prepare an annual Sexual Harassment report each year by February 1.  Template for the report can be found here.

Open Meetings Law Guide
One of Louisiana’s “sunshine” laws, the Open Meetings Law provisions are meant to ensure transparency in governmental operations, so when in doubt about proceeding, one should always err on the side of open and transparent transacting of the people’s business.  The guide below is a general application of the law.

NEW!  Complying with ADA Accommodations for Open Meetings

2023 Public Records Law Guide - Revised October 2023
The Who, What, When, How and Why of Louisiana's Public Records Law

Dual Office Holding
This chart provides information on dual office holding for elected and appointed officials as well as municipal employees. 

Annexation Material

This document provides information on the state laws governing over municipal annexations process in Louisiana.

Model Criminal Code Ordinance

This template municipal criminal code is intended to serve as a guide and should be tailored in consultation with your municipal attorney to address your municipality's particular needs. This model adopts by reference the provisions of Title 14 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes, which may be broader than desired by some municipalities.  The LMA is grateful to Jerry J. Guillot - Chief of Staff for the Louisiana Senate, former president of the Louisiana City Attorneys Association, and attorney for the Village of Rosedale - for his insight and expertise in preparing this model code.

The Lawrason Act

Louisiana municipalities are governed by the Lawrason Act except those municipalities governed by a special legislative charter or home rule charter.  The document provides information on for municipalities that are interested or currently under the Lawrason Act.

Pay Regulations for Fire and Police

This document was created from the Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service and provides information about the application of Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).


This document suggests tools and legal resources for municipalities to fight the persistent top five nuisances in Louisiana.

Zoning and Subdivision Procedures
A legal guide on making land use decisions without inviting lawsuits.