Who are we?

A united voice for Louisiana’s municipal governments, the Louisiana Municipal Association’s (LMA) mission is to advocate, educate, and empower local governments to efficiently and effectively serve the citizens of Louisiana. 

Power of Membership

Since its inception in 1926, the Association continues to promote local governments by shaping legislation, providing education on municipal issues, and exchanging ideas and experience among elected official leaders throughout the state. The voice of municipal government cannot be overlooked at the State Capitol.  The Association’s success is contingent upon the support and engagement of the LMA membership.  

LMA Membership

 Every incorporated municipality benefits from the representation of the Association. Today there are 305 LMA members consisting of 127 villages, 112 towns, 64 cities, and 2 parishes.  Each local government belongs to one of the 10 LMA Districts (A-J). Classifications of municipalities are set forth by RS: 33:341. Each municipality is categorized into population tiers as either a village, town, or city.

Classification          Population

Village                   1,000 or less

Town                     1,001 to 5,000

City                         5,001 or more

Member Benefits
LMA Districts

  • Municipal representation on legislative issues at state and federal levels.
  • Educational training on municipal matters, such as Community Leadership Training Webinar Series and LMA Grant Writing for Municipalities Webinar Series.
  • Key publications and guides, such as Louisiana Municipal Review, LMA Grant Newsletter, Handbook for Municipal Officials, New  Mayors Emergency Management Guide, Legislative Reports, and Louisiana Municipal Association Municipal Directory.
  • LMA educational and networking events, such as LMA’s 10 District Meetings, Mayor’s Day, Mid-Winter Conference, and Annual Convention.
  • Affiliate educational events, such as Louisiana City Attorney’s Association, Louisiana Municipal Clerks Association, and Building Officials Association of Louisiana spring and fall conferences. 
  • Programs and services offered by LMA’s subsidiary groups, such as Risk Management, Inc., LA Municipal Gas Authority, LA Municipal Association of Unemployment Compensation, LA Community Development Authority and LA Municipal Advisory and Technical Services Bureau.
  • Municipal research data, such as Survey Navigator Wage and Benefits and Franchise Fee Survey.