Louisiana Municipal Gas Authority Services

The Louisiana Municipal Gas Authority (LMGA) is a political subdivision created by the State Legislature in 1987. Funding for the LMGA's activities is derived solely from fees paid by its members who control its activities.109 public entities are currently benefiting from owning and operating their own gas distribution system and/or gas-fired electric generation facilities.

Member Benefits

  • Acts as Agent for its Members
  • Administers all of its Members’ existing contracts with gas suppliers and pipeline companies
  •  Purchases all of its Members’ natural gas supply requirements
  •  Manage transportation to deliver gas to members
  • Evaluates and notifies members of market conditions to determine most economical method of purchasing natural gas supplies
  •  Presents workshops to educate its members’ on various issues
  • Monitors and participates in state and federal regulatory activities on behalf of the Members
  • Performs special projects for individual Members or groups of Members
  • Represent members and lobby on their behalf, both federal and state regulatory bodies
  • Forecast short-term and long-term supply and price changes
  • Offer fixed prices to its members to remove stability

Black Belt Energy Gas District

The LMGA program's agent is Black Belt Energy Gas District, a municipally owned corporation created to acquire, sale, finance, and manage supplies of natural gas for other municipally owned gas districts.

Contact  Samantha Bell, LMGA Managing Director, C.J. Arnold, Black Belt President, or visit http://www.blackbeltenergy.com/index.htm for more information.