LRPA Awards and Citations

The LRPA Board of Directors is inviting all departments to participate in this year's LRPA State Citations and Awards process. Please remember all information submitted to the committee cannot be returned. We appreciate your continued involvement in this program and we look forward to learning about the great things happening in our profession. The Awards and Citations Committee invites every LRPA member or member agency to show pride in personnel, programs, and communities by submitting your nominations. Please do not let a person, program, or project go unrecognized this year. The application deadline is February 1, 2017.

The LRPA Board of Directors recognizes the desirability of honoring members, citizens and organizations in the state that have rendered outstanding service to the recreation, park and conservation movement. Nominating an individual or an organization affords AN OPPORTUNITY:

  • To show PRIDE in your city or department.
  • To involve GREATER CITIZEN PARTICIPATION in bringing about community enhancements.
  • To REDUCE SPENDING at the local level.
  • To bring people together, UNIFY the community.
  • To EARN DESERVED RECOGNITION and REWARD for outstanding local action and achievement.
  • To RECOGNIZE your peers.

Guidelines for Submission

The LRPA Board of Directors has approved the following guidelines for submitting entries in the various state awards categories.

  1. If qualified, entries which do not receive recognition will be carried over for consideration the next year.  New entries will be required after two years.
  2. Complete biographical, or specific descriptive information, which relates to the nominee's qualifications for the award being sought should be submitted. Nominations for Fellow and Outstanding Young Professional Awards should be supported by no fewer than three and no more than five letters of endorsement.  (Please refer to nomination form for specific backup information.)
  3. All submissions must have a completed and signed nomination form included with the back up information.  The nomination form is found at the back of this packet.
  4. All entries become property of the LRPA Awards and Citations Committee and cannot be returned. Presentation of awards will take place at the Annual LRPA State Conference.
  5. A 10 line (12 pt. Font) nomination summary should be included in each submission describing the program, person or project you are nominating.
  6. All nominations are required to include a minimum of one and a maximum of three digital pictures that best represent your program, person or project. (JPEG or TIFF format only) (See nomination description for specific photo criteria)
Nomination summary and pictures may be used for the awards program and will be invaluable should your entry win.

Below are some specific requirements for application by category. All applications begin with the nomination form and one to three photos. A copy should be sent to and:

LRPA Awards & Citations Committee
629 N Main St
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Arts and Humanities [PDF]

The outstanding individual program in each of four population classes will be presented a plaque at the annual LRPA State Conference. All programs that meet the criteria will be recognized and their programs acknowledged by the membership at the LRPA State Conference.
  1. PURPOSE: To select and recognize the most innovative and effective individual program in the Arts and Humanities, (defined as a project or program that promotes cultural art for example: theatre, culinary, reading painting, sculpting, drawing, quilting, etc.) of a leisure service agency in the state of Louisiana. Through this award, recognition may be given to the many programs in the Arts and Humanities offered to the public by various types of leisure service agencies and the staff providing these programs.
  2. ELIGIBILITY: The Arts and Humanities Award is open to any leisure service agency in the state of Louisiana. Each agency and/or director of that agency must be a member of LRPA.
  3. JUDGING: Each entrant will be judged according to population serviced. One winner will be named in each of four classes.
Class Information                                                     Population
CLASS I                                                                    More than 200,001
CLASS II                                                                   75,001 to 200,000
CLASS III                                                                  25,001 to 75,000
CLASS IV                                                                  Up to 25,000
To complete the nomination, include the following information with your packet and completed nomination form.  Please limit the nomination to no more than three (3) pages, excluding the nomination form. Please include at least one but no more than three digital pictures.

Outstanding Park/Facility Design

The purpose of this award is as follows:
  1. To recognize each year one park/facility development project which displays a high degree of professional design quality and recreation/park usage; and
  2. To encourage and expand the cooperation between design professionals and parks and recreation professionals.
Entries will be accepted for any park/facility design within the state of Louisiana. To be eligible, at least the initial representative stage of the project must be completed.

Two awards will be presented in each category for the winning park or facility project. One to the designer and one to the jurisdiction that manages the park or facility.
             Class I            Projects completed with one million dollar budget and below
             Class II           Projects completed with over one million dollar budget
Specific format for candidacy in the Outstanding Park/Facility Design Award category includes:
  1. Completed nomination information for each project.
  2. Ten digital photos on disc or CD in JPEG or TIFF format.
  3. A project narrative of 300-1000 words.
  4. Additional supportive material related to the project.
Rolled drawings will not be accepted.

Individual or Organization Citation

This award may be presented annually to any number of deserving individual laypersons or to organizations or groups qualifying.
  1. Individuals: Any person who made an outstanding contri­bution to the recreation and parks movement in the form of preparing and/or sponsoring legislation; supporting and promoting the movement; serving as a Board or Commission member; serving on a citizen committee to raise funds, secure approval of a bond issue, etc; or other service which in the opinion of the Awards and Citations Committee entitles the individual to consideration.
  2. Organizations: Any organization or group which has made an outstanding contribution to the recreation and parks movement by preparing and/or sponsoring legislation bene­ficial to the movement or by supporting and promoting the movement at all levels.
In reviewing the above criteria, the committee shall consider the philanthropic capability of the nominee (i.e. a small group's accomplishment may not be as significant as that of a large organization but might be greater in proportion to their resources).  Also, a history of community service over several years might be more important than one major accomplishment.
The awards listed above require the completion of a nomination form and back up information. Please include at least one but no more then three digital photos with your nomination.

Outstanding Young Professional Award

This award may be given annually to the professional who best meets the following criteria:
  1. Membership: Membership in LRPA and NRPA and any of its Branches and Affiliates.
  2. Age and Experience: At least three (3) years as a leader, instructor, supervisor, administrator, consultant or a combination of these services in the field of recreation and parks, and not having reached the age of thirty-five (35) years at the time of nomination.
  3. Service: The nominee must meet at least one of the following qualifications:
(a)  Must have been actively involved in LRPA and/or NRPA as evidenced by service in an elective or significant appointive capacity for LRPA and/or NRPA, one of its Branches or for an NRPA Region or Affiliate.
(b)  Must have contributed to the recreation and parks movement through advocacy of its concept as evidenced by publication of articles or service as a speaker, moderator or panelist before national, regional or state professional or lay groups.
(c)  Must have demonstrated responsible performance in the delivery of service in support of the recreation and parks movement in a state or local arena of practice.

Please limit the nomination information to no more than three (3) pages, excluding the 3-5 endorsement letters and nomination form.  Please include at least one but no more than three digital photos.

Fellow Award

This award may be given annually to the professional(s) who best meets the following criteria:
  1. Membership: Membership in LRPA and NRPA and any of its Branches and Affiliates.
  2. Experience: At least ten (10) years as a leader, instructor, supervisor, administrator, consultant or combination of these services in the field of recreation and parks.
  3. Service: Contributions to the profession through LRPA, NRPA, Branches, Affiliates or the former professional organi­zations made through: (a)  Distinctive leadership in the promotion, and organization development of a pioneer—type activity in the field of recreation and parks. (b)  Outstanding service to the profession through the allied fields of arts, crafts, sports, physical fitness, health and safety education, design, park maintenance, horticulture, education, consultant services, etc.
  4. Character: Of fine moral character.
  5. Leadership: Candidates, as evidence of leadership, must meet at least one out of each of the following groups of qualifications listed below: (a)  Elected officer of LRPA and/or NRPA. (b)  Member of a LRPA’s administrative board or community organization board. (c)  Member of any LRPA committee. (d)  Professional research, publication, speeches, service on panels, etc. such as major addresses to groups, and radio or television talks give in the interest of promoting recreation and parks; research which has helped advance the profession; original contribution which has affected the philosophy or practice of the profession; or service as a member of a national or regional panel relative to the recreation and parks movement.
Please limit the nomination information to no more than three (3) pages, excluding the 3-5 endorsement letters and completed nomination form.