05-17-2024 - 20:14:45

Track: Public Records/Open Meetings   

HB 95 (1) Johnson, Mike
Reese, Mike
Provides for the use of a consent agenda by certain school boards and parish governing authorities.
Bill History: 05-17-24 G Enrolled

HB 103 (1) Johnson, Mike Requires certain public bodies to broadcast meetings live via television or the internet.
Bill History: 05-15-24 S Set on the Senate Orders

HB 116   McMakin, Dixon (F) Provides relative to the disclosure of personnel records of public employees.
Bill History: 05-14-24 S Referred to Senate Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs

HB 222 (1) Jackson, Steve (F) Provides for the confidentiality of documents related to local and parish economic development projects.
Bill History: 03-12-24 H Withdrawn

HB 268 (1) Johnson, Mike
Miguez, Blake (F)
Provides relative to the confidentiality of the home address and the home or personal wireless telephone number in a public employee's personnel.
Bill History: 05-15-24 S Passed (Vote: Y: 35/N: 0)

HB 680 (1) Carlson, Josh (F) Provides for an alternate official journal of the state and alternate official journals of political subdivisions. Became HB 977.
Bill History: 04-25-24 H Substituted by - see HB 977

SB 146 (1) Luneau, Jay Provides relative to the authority of the legislative auditor.
Bill History: 05-15-24 H Voluntarily Deferred in Committee House and Governmental Affairs

SB 423 (1) Morris, Jay Provides for access to public records by certain persons.
Bill History: 05-13-24 S Withdrawn

SB 482 (1) Cloud, Heather Provides for public records involving the security of the governor or his family and recommendations by which governmental decisions and policies are formulated.
Bill History: 05-13-24 S Returned to the calendar - subject to call

SB 502 (1) Miguez, Blake (F) Provides relative to public records requests.
Bill History: 04-24-24 S Returned to the calendar - subject to call

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